We are MacVenac… 

…Immaculate Vernacular on the Birth Certificate.. 
...but like I said, MacVenac, 

  And I promise you beyond a shadow of a doubt, Salute and I were put on this earth to explore and illustrate the myriad narratives of common people and illuminate the extraordinary, invaluable and often understated, lessons therein.. 

  We unequivocally believe that reality is perception and every man is accountable for the thoughts he entertains. As such, we are all responsible for our own reality. The reality about us is that MacVenac is greater than the sum of its parts and that our virtue lies not in comparison but in contrast.. recognizing the wisdom in combining lessons learned along paradoxical paths with the same destination.. We’ve turned down offers to roll the dice on ourselves. 

  We are artists through and through; 

  Fashionably abusive, occasionally reclusive, 2 sly dudes with eyes that stone fast’r than medusa with no use for brakes in this shameless pursuit of greatness... We aspire to transcend society’s preconceived conclusions with an unwavering dedication to the quality and content of our art form. 

  Those that don’t like our music will at least appreciate the hustle and respect our commitment to doing things the right way.. Even when we’re not altogether sure What we were doing, There has never been any question Why… 

  These words mean everything to us and we believe in the mightiness of the pen. We’ve learned not to dread the storm but to dance in the rain. We believe in admiring your trials and being thankful for your tribulations because adversity is indispensable to success. 

  Every mistake is an opportunity for growth;  

  Everything we’re not makes us everything we are. 

  We’ve performed from coast to coast and for Coast2Coast.. 

  ..we’ve rejoiced at superficial social media attention and grieved imperfect moments at showcases. We celebrated the notion that our words were reaching people that needed them at the right moment. Conversely, we have mourned not representing ourselves well and having only ourselves to blame is genuinely and excruciatingly painful. 

  We beat ourselves up because we earnestly believe that the people who give irreplaceable moments of their time to listen to us deserve excellence in return. To deliver an experience they’ll never forget is both our responsibility and passion.. 

  In closing, I would encourage anyone who plugs us into their audio to pay very close attention to the intricacies and hidden meanings of our words. Treat them like puzzles that stimulate your senses and stir your spirit. 

  Let them make you uncomfortable. 

  Let them make you feel.. 

  See we aren’t only the curators of this art but also walking testimonials to its potential. 

  This music saved our lives. 

  This music gave us purpose. 

  In this music, two lost boys found their way… 

  All Love, Stay Lost… 




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